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s23507779_31070640_67391Hello.  My name is Jamison Hutchins, and I am going to be working with Health by Design through next July.  I have been matched with HbD through an exciting Americorps program called Public Allies, which is focused on building leaderships skills via community engagement and experience in the non-profit sector.  I grew up in the Indianapolis area until about 5 years ago when I ventured out to Montana to attend school…and enjoy the Rocky Mountains.  It was in Missoula that I was awakened to the benefits of a community focused on making sure that bikers and pedestrians shared the same benefits and safeties as car dwellers.  These next ten months are going to be a great opportunity to work towards creating a healthier and less car-dependent environment here in central Indiana.  Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to help, or you just want to talk over a cup of coffee.

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